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Detmold Medical is just a few short days away from increasing its capacity in face mask manufacturing to one million face masks a day.

The rapidly established facility is in the process of installing an additional 3 machines, taking the manufacturing plant to a total of twenty machines.

Allowing for an additional ability to fulfil contracts outside of the SA Health and Federal Government requirements, Detmold Medical is able to assist in the supply of quality, Australian face made masks.

Providing both the D95 Respirator Mask and L3 Surgical Face mask for healthcare professionals, Detmold Medical also has its L3 Surgical Face Mask available for purchase via here.

Already in conversations about fulfilling additional mask contracts, including with the Victorian Government, General Manager of Marketing and Innovation Tom Lunn said current capacity was about protecting the community.

“We established our face mask manufacturing facility in record time to promote the protection of healthcare professionals during the coronavirus health crisis,” Tom said.

Image of a person wearing a Detmold Medical Mask
Image of Detmold Medical face mask facility

“Now, as the community faces new challenges with this virus, we are looking at where we can increase our offering to other industries and businesses to help keep people safe,” Tom said.

Find out more about our mask range here.

Or, purchase masks via the link below.