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Detmold Group leading the charge with gender equality

March 13, 2024

Detmold Group has been recognized by the SA Business Chamber for setting the benchmark in gender pay parity and equality within an industry traditionally dominated by men.

The publicly disclosed gender pay gap data reveals a 3.2% difference in median total remuneration at Detmold Group. For context, manufacturers within the same sector exhibit an average pay gap of 15.2%, as reported on WGEA’s data exporter.

For Kathleen Johnson, Group General Manager of People and Culture at Detmold Group, this accomplishment is the result of continuous analysis and adjustment of policies. "We will continue to work through strategies to ensure continuous improvement. We have always had a mindset of inclusion as a family-owned business and strive to ensure fairness in all we do without bias," stated Johnson.

In a historic move in November 2023, Sascha Detmold Cox assumed the role of CEO, marking the first female to hold this position in the manufacturer's 76-year history. Johnson added, "Sascha’s transition into the role has been seamless and has validated our culture that proudly champions the inclusion of women."

As per WGEA's data, Detmold Group boasts a 37% female workforce, significantly surpassing the industry average of 24%. Notably, the company not only boasts a female CEO but also maintains a gender-equal board, featuring representation from Pippa and Zoe Detmold alongside Sascha.

In an industry where only 10% of CEOs and 25% of key management personnel are women nationwide, Detmold Group stands out. Johnson emphasized, "We work to have good mobility of talent across the business to provide opportunities based on skills and strengths regardless of gender."

This achievement in gender equality reinforces Detmold Group's commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace.

For the full story and further details, please visit the SA Business Chamber - SA manufacturer leading the charge with gender equality | The South Australian Business Chamber (