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How to safely put on and take off a mask

August 11, 2020

Face masks can be an effective control measure in a community setting, as well as a healthcare setting, in preventing droplets of bodily fluids from escaping via the nose and mouth.

They protect the wearer against splashes and sprays (sneezes and coughs) from other people.

Our Level 3 Surgical Mask is a single-use face mask is a lightweight mask designed to promote comfort, with two ear loops to hold the mask in place.

You may be asked to, or choose to, wear a mask to protect yourself and others. We have collaborated with SA Health to understand how to safely put on and take off a mask.

Watch the video from Lysanthi at SA Health to learn more, or follow our simple steps below.

1. Appropriate hand hygeine should be used before touching the mask. Hold the mask on the short edges with the ear loop connection points facing outwards.

2. Pinching firmly on the bose piece, place one ear loop around the back of your ear and ensure it is secure. 

3. Place the second ear loop up over your other ear and check the mask is evenly aligned on your face.

4. Expand the pleats to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

5. Check mask fit to ensure it is secured at the bridge of the nose and mouth. There should always be minimal gaps between the mask and face.

Appropriate hand hygeine should always be used when touching the mask. Masks should not be reappleid and should be discarded safely after use. 

Please see our instructional video with SA Health about safely donning and doffing the L3 Surgical Mask.

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