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South Australia's Opposition Leader Peter Malinauskas has this week visited the Detmold Medical Facility. 

Visiting with the Hon Chris Picton, shadow Minister for Health and Wellbeing, the Hon Peter Malinauskas commented that the facility was a great example of strong local manufacturing. 

"From a packaging business to a mask making business, Detmold Group has been able to innovate during trying circumstances," Hon Peter Malinauskas said.

"Detmold Medical is now producing millions of masks for use during this pandemic and has employed up to 160 extra staff to do this.

"With Chris Picton MP, we toured their manufacturing facility in Brompton.

"Another proud and innovative South Australian company keeping our manufacturing sector alive," Hon Peter Malinauskas said.

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Image of Hon Peter Malinauskas and Hon Chris Picton visiting Detmold Medical